The Pettibon System

The Pettibon System: A Neurophysiologic Approach to Spine and Posture Correction Mark Morningstar, D.C. Burl R. Pettibon, D.C. Carol L. Remz, Ph.D. The structure of the spine, and ultimately posture, are considered by some to be a requisite to maintaining health and normal function.3 Abnormal posture can cause alterations in some of our basic physiological […]

Two facts about x-ray

Two facts about x-ray Commonly, people living with scoliosis dread x-rays. After seeing their condition steadily deteriorate with x-ray each series, combined with the fear of too much radiation, some patients are reluctant to have more x-rays taken. But before you hesitate to undergo alternative scoliosis treatment for this reason, please consider the following facts […]

The Physics of Scoliosis

The Physics of Scoliosis In achieving correction of the scoliotic spine, it is important to place emphasis on correcting the loss of cervical curve, also known as cervical kyphosis or hypolordosis. Loss of the curve in your neck will cause the spine below it to buckle. Traditional medical science views the spine as a bridge […]

The Value of Scoliosis Care

The Value of Scoliosis Care Scientific studies have confirmed that there is a direct correlation between a patient’s perception of their health as measured by a health questionnaire, their mortality rate, and the severity of their scoliosis. In other words, the larger the degree of curvature, the more the scoliosis impacts your overall health and […]

Message of Hope

Message of Hope After a few minutes spent reviewing internet sites devoted to scoliosis, you might end up feeling rather depressed and overwhelmed by the mass of contradictory and unscientific information to be found. It is no small wonder that so many scoliosis surgeries take place every year – from what you read on the […]

Bracing & Surgery Alternatives

Bracing & Surgery Alternatives After being diagnosed with scoliosis, bracing is often the next traditional treatment method recommended. Here’s a typical story that we often hear – being told by a scoliosis patient. This is my scoliosis story…………. This was my third time to the orthopedic doctor’s office. We had just been waiting and watching […]