Scoliosis Treatment Process

Scoliosis Rehabilitation Center utilizes the CLEAR Institute Method for scoliosis treatment. CLEAR institute was developed with one purpose in mind: to effectively help scoliosis patients worldwide through non-invasive treatment methods. Today’s CLEAR-certified doctors are trained extensively to help people with scoliosis to not just reduce pain, but also to physically reduce the size of the spinal curvature so that the human body can again begin to function properly – without utilizing bracing or surgical procedures.

It’s our hope you feel confident when choosing to seek treatment with a CLEAR-certified doctor. We want you to clearly understand what the first visit will be like, what our unique method for dealing with your scoliosis entails and what our approach is to achieving maximum scoliosis reduction.

What to Expect When Visiting

What To ExpectAs you may know scoliosis is a complex condition.  All scoliosis treatment programs begin with a comprehensive history review, scoliosis examination, and x-rays. From this information the doctor will determine the treatment plan that is appropriate to correct/reduce your scoliosis. Inside the CLEAR practitioners office you will find an array of specialized equipment the doctor will use and tailor to your specific scoliosis needs. Treatment will take place in the office and continue at home with a scoliosis home rehabilitation program. The home program is mandatory and patients who do not comply with the home program will not achieve maximum results and may even be dismissed from care.

There have been many successes in the correction/reduction of scoliosis using the CLEAR scoliosis protocol, but it’s only effective if the doctor and the patient work together as a team.  The doctor will monitor and determine results throughout your care plan by taking interval examinations and x-rays. Your CLEAR doctor will develop a maintenance and monitor plan to reduce the likelihood of any reversal of the correction you have achieved.  CLEAR Institute utilizes a scoliosis correction/reduction protocol we call MIX, FIX, SET.

Step 1 – “The Mix”

Since the scoliosis spine has tight muscles and ligaments, the first step is loosen them up (“The Mix”) so the doctor can make the spinal curvature more flexible.  Spinal flexibility is one of the key factors in scoliosis reduction. Special equipment has been designed specifically to get the scoliosis muscles and ligaments to become relaxed.  Best of all, this procedure feels good!

Equipment Used During “The Mix”

The Wobble Chair (View Image)

The purpose of the wobble chair is to rehydrate your discs and increase spinal flexibility. After puberty there is no blood supply to your discs. The only way water and nutrients can get to the discs is through motion. The wobble chair heats up your tissues making everything pliable and loose.

Vibratory Traction (View Image)

The vibratory traction vibrates at 4.5 hertz causing your ligaments to relax and loosen in specific areas.  The rolling motion up and down your spine allows additional fluid into yours discs and ligaments.

Cervical Traction (View Image)

Cervical Traction heats up your ligaments making them more pliable. Also, cervical traction will reduce head forward posture and increase the normal cervical curve .

Eckard Table (View Image)

The Leander table flexing up and down loosening the specific muscles/ ligaments that are present in a scoliotic spine.

Core stim (View Image)

The core stim create specific vibrations that can be applied to localized area and cause the relaxation of soft tissue in the spine.

Step 2 – “The Fix”

“The Fix” Procedure – Once the muscle and ligaments have loosened the doctor will then direct the spine to proper alignment through gentle spinal adjustments (“The Fix”). This is determined from the 41 different measurements and 23 different angles the doctor has discovered on your initial x-rays.
The Fix Procedure

Step 3 – “The Set”

The Set Procedure
“The Set” Procedure – The last step is to re-educate the body’s postural muscles to hold your newly corrected positions (“The Set”). The first part of the set the doctor will place small weights on different body parts (such the head, shoulder, or hips) as you perform different exercises and activities. The second part of the set the patient will do exercises in a special scoliosis chair whiles his or her spine is being held in the correct spinal position. This body weighting system and the scoliosis chair reeducates the brain to hold the new spinal positions.

The weighting system features head, shoulder, and hip weights.  Their purpose is to allow the body’s nervous system to become reprogrammed against gravity, bringing about permanent postural correction. In addition, larger curvatures require the use of the Scoliosis Traction Chair (STC) which allows the patient to effectively “workout” in a scoliosis-free environment.  The doctor will also prescribe isometric exercises that are specific to your spinal health needs.

The “Mix, Fix, Set” treatment is relatively painless, but the patient may experience some mild stretching discomfort during the onset of treatment due to the tight muscles/ ligaments.  Some patients have reported mild muscle soreness the following day after treatment.  It is extremely rare that a patient is unable to complete treatment due to physical discomfort.

X-ray Results From Previous CLEAR Institute Patients

Mild scoliosis nearly eliminated in 6 weeks

Mild Scoliosis Eliminated

Unhealthy reversed neck curve transformed to a healthy neck curve

Reverse Neck Curve Corrected

Severe Scoliosis reduction in Cobb Angle from 63 degrees to 21 degrees

Severe Scoliosis Improvement

Cobb Angle reduced from 52 degrees to 19 degrees

Severe Cobb Angle Reduced

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