Patient Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it.  Here are a few testimonials from our patients.

Amy R.

I found out from my family physician that I had scoliosis. I did some research online and found out that my choices were bracing or surgery. I’m pretty young and wasn’t ready to have major spinal surgery. I found the CLEAR-Institute website. I called and got information from them. They recommended Dr. Kean. After 3 months of scoliosis treatment therapies I have had a 17 % reduction in my scoliosis curve. I am currently treating there and look forward to seeing my improvement at my next re-exam.

Lindsey A.

I have scoliosis. I had previously seen a few other chiropractors. I found Dr. Kean on the internet. He helped my condition. It has improved through treatment so well that I am back to my usual activities (swimming, school, and work). I have no more pain when carrying out everyday activities. My words of encouragement are: Chiropractic Works!

Deb Wilson

My name is Deb Wilson. I live in Franklin, NC, and am 52 years old. I was diagnosed at age 12 with scoliosis, so I’ve been living with this condition for many years. As each year has passed, my spinal curve has worsened – to the point where even everyday tasks such as sweeping the floor or lifting a gallon of milk had become difficult due to the discomfort caused by scoliosis. Even walking with my husband has become painful. If you are reading this, and have scoliosis, you know exactly what I mean.

We recently made a consultation appointment with a surgeon, thinking this was our only course. Let me say that I am not opposed to surgery in general. I’ve had several other types of surgery, with good results. However, I had two major concerns about straightening my spine this way – 1) the cost! and 2) the lack of mobility I would be living with the rest of my life. I was willing to proceed, though, thinking there were no other options.

Then, through an old friend, we were told about the CLEAR Institute, and the progress that scoliosis patients have been making through the CLEAR Inst. chiropractic treatments. I tried not to get my hopes up, thinking that the treatments probably catered more towards adolescents with less severe curves than mine. After visiting the CLEAR Institute website, and reading all the information, I discovered I was wrong (I was never so happy to be wrong before in my life!). I learned that other adults with severe scoliosis, like me, had realized great improvements through the CLEAR Inst. chiropractic treatments. I was amazed that these patients have been able to reverse their curves! I was afraid it was one of those “too good to be true” things, but the more I read, the more I became convinced that surgery was not my only option – and that I could be helped through chiropractic treatment.

I learned that there are currently just five doctors in the country certified for the two-week intensive treatment program necessary for those with extensive spinal damage. I chose to go to Dr. Brian Kean at the Kean Chiropractic Center in Greenville, NC.

Upon arriving for my two-week program, I was measured, weighed, and x-rayed. I was 4′ 101/2″ tall (due to ‘shrinking’ caused by the scoliosis), had a 68 degree Cobb angle, and a lot of spinal degeneration.

After going over all my x-rays, Dr. Kean met with my husband and myself, and explained the treatment I would be undergoing. Let me interject here that prior to going to Greenville, I had read the information on their website, and had gained some knowledge of the treatment program. Still, Dr. Kean really educated us, and graciously explained everything thoroughly – and – I got started right away.

I cannot praise Dr. Kean, his associate Dr. Geskie, and their staff enough. From our initial meeting with Dr. Kean and Dr. Geskie, and throughout my two-week program, it was evident to me that their primary concern was the welfare and healing of their patients. Not only did they really know what they were doing, they truly cared about me and how I was doing. They were always willing to answer my questions, or to make any accommodations or adjustments (pun intended) I needed. The young women working in the office were wonderful! They were knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging, and very caring as well. By the end of my two-week session, they felt like family! I wanted to bring them home with me, but then they wouldn’t be available to treat others like me who desperately need help.

Briefly, my two-week program involved 2 – 2 1/2 hours each morning and afternoon of exercises, adjustments, and time on several machines – most importantly the scoliosis chair, which is described on the website. Anyone considering this treatment needs to be aware that there is time and effort involved – but the results are worth every minute – and every ounce of energy expended!

Results – that’s what you really want to hear about, I’m sure. Well… upon leaving Kean Chiropractic Center, I was 5′ 1/8″, had decreased my cobb angle by 7 degrees, and had greatly improved my neck (which is crucial to the entire spine). I was thrilled with these results! It was incredible to me that having my spine continually worsen over 40 years – in just two-weeks we actually reversed my curve. To someone without scoliosis, 7 degrees may not seem like much, but to me it was huge! It gave me confidence that as I continue my rehabilitation program at home, my curvature will continue to lessen – and my spine will continue to straighten. I wish I could express better how thankful I am that this treatment is available – and that I was made aware of it before choosing surgery.

I’m also very grateful to Dr. Kean and his staff. They’ve given me a hope that I will keep improving, and that in time, my back will be straighter than it has been in many years. Who knows, I might even reach 5″3″!